Te Ihu o Mataoho, in collaboration with Karamia Müller, Moana Waa, and Qiane Matata-Sipu. Instal 1 Photographic documentation by Sam Hartnett. Instal 2 Instal 3 Instal 4 Instal 5 Instal 6 Maungataketake, in collaboration with Martin Awa Clarke Langdon, 2016. (Camera operator Ralph Brown.) Ōtuataua, in collaboration with Cat Ruka and Tosh Ah Kit, 2016-17. (Under the guidance of Brendan Corbett, Maiti Tamaariki, Raureti Korako, and the Ruka whānau with Kiara Ruka and Lucia-Bluebell Kahukōwhai Davison) Ōtuataua workshop, in collaboration with Cat Ruka and Tosh Ah Kit, 2017. SOUL Banner in collaboration with Fiona Jack, 2016-18.

Te Ihu o Mataoho

Te Ihu o Mataoho was a ST PAUL St Gallery installation created in consultation with the Save Our Unique Landscape (SOUL) campaign and in collaboration with other creative practitioners. The works advocate for the appreciation and protection of Ihumātao by raising the profiles of volcanic features in the area. Specifically Maungataketake, Ōtuataua, Waitomokia, and the wāhi tapu (sacred) Te Puketaapapatanga a Hape, 2016.

Works made in collaboration with Cat Ruka, Fiona Jack, Karamia Müller, Louisa Afoa, Martin Awa Clarke Langdon, Moana Waa, Molly Rangiwai McHale, Paula Booker, Qiane Matata-Sipu, and Tosh Ah Kit.

SOUL is a community-driven campaign group that is inclusive of diverse tauiwi (non-Māori), Ihumātao residents and is directed by mana whenua whānau members (Māori with traditional custodial authority for Ihumātao). The SOUL whānau is attempting to stop the development of a fast-tracked Special Housing Area (SHA62) on the whenua of Ihumātao, because we are certain that the housing development will destroy highly significant features in the area, including urupā (cemetery), puna (springs) and tūpuna maunga (ancestral mountain).

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